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Considering going to Chicon/Worldcon for a day or two

I had thought it out of my price range, what with all the storm damage we've had to deal with this year, but I see they have day rates. My wife can't make it due to her shooting schedule, but it looks like I will be able to.

Question is, which day (or two) to attend? Looking over the schedule, there is always lots to do, and no day seems the obvious choice.

I wasn't living in Chicagoland the last time Worldcon came here, so I'll be glad to make it at all this time around.

Those of you going, any suggestions?
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I got most of these from remembering adaptations like the semaphore version of Wuthering Heights

[Edit - I forgot to attribute swiping this quiz from irish_horse...]

Your result for The Improved Book Character-Savvy Test...


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You are pretty wicked, huh? I'm impressed. Thumbs up for you, you're good stuff. Just remember to look up, speak nicely, and not to twiddle your fingers all the time.

Your rank: The Penguin (Just because.)

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Goodbye 2009!

wiliqueen and I just finished our annual watching of the 'Doctor Who' 1996 movie (set on New Years 1999-2000). We started that with our video taped copy back on New Years 2000 (with guest deire IIRC). Since then we've managed to actually miss midnight once or twice, but this year we coincided the viewing with midnight Eastern Time almost exactly and saw the ball drop.

Here's hoping everyone has had a decent 2009, and are looking forward to 2010!

I got this post just under the wire for December 2009. I've had plenty of intentions, but no actual posts this month. As part of my Fifth World Initiative I'm going to try and do a little better with that (I've started to some extent on head58's gaming blog) in the months to come. Even if I have to overcome my need to try and post a complete thought each time.
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Waters of Mars: Hommage to John Carpenter??

As I was watching the latest Doctor Who special, I was reminded of the Carpenter film, "Ghosts of Mars'. Seemed to fit - Mars, possession by some sort of awakened former life on the planet.

Upon reflection, I realized it was more like a cross between GoM and "Prince of Darkness", a Carpenter flick from the late 80's involving a cylinder of 'liquid evil'. The liquid would drip on someone, possessing them by some collective will and allowing them to spew streams of water to possess others. As a bonus, PoD involved a recurring tachyonic dream-message from the future, warning of impending doom. Now isn't that ood?

So, coincidence? Or is RTD a Carpenter fan?

As for the Doctor Who special itself, the less said, the better. Kind of a waste of an hour, for all the squandered opportunity and missed potential. There were a couple of germs of some good ideas in there, but they were either handled better in "Fires of Pompeii" (which was even referenced in the ep!) or taken care of in the blink of an eye!

An unfettered Doctor could be a great story, but deserves, nay, CRIES OUT FOR, more than a 5-minute character arc! Why even bother when you can have 30 minutes of lovingly shot but wasteful scenes of the Doctor saying he should reallllllllllly be going now.
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Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

As some of you may know, wiliqueen has a role in a production of Pride & Prejudice that runs through next weekend.

I've been toying with the idea of attending the Halloween performance dressed as a zombie - I haven't read the recent Pride & Prejudice & Zombies parody, but I like the idea.

Today wiliqueen told me that tickets for the Halloween performance are reduced to $10 if you come in costume, so there's an added incentive.

How about it, anyone want to join me?
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Related to Previous: Recommend an Online Computer/Parts Vendor

So, I figure I should try a replace the power supply before jumping into a new machine. So, anyone have luck getting a PS from a particular vendor? Any mailorder suppliers you trust? It's been YEARS since I shopped for computer parts online, and not since I moved, so I would appreciate any thoughts.

I have a 3-year old Dell Dimension E510, and the dead power supply seems to be common. Hopefully that'll take care of it.
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FYI: Out of Touch

My home computer power supply appears to have died after a late-nite reboot by MicroSoft. So I will not be responding/posting much until this is fixed/replaced. Work computer is not letting me view ANY outside webpages at the moment (usually just webmail is restricted, but I think there are DNS issues today) so even that is out (posting from the wife's computer).

Maybe it's time to upgrade my desktop. Any suggestions on vendors/build-it-yourself sites?
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Brainiac 5 at Chicago Comic Con 2009

So, as threatened, I showed up green this past Saturday at Wizard's Chicago Comic Con. Here's an overview.
First a little explanation as to WHY Brainiac 5. Taken mostly from a previous Friends-Locked post so copied for convenience here. Warning - long.Collapse )

Current comments and pics(large) from the conCollapse )

I've got some other shots with celebs, and other costumes, but those are pictures for another post.